Babies on the Brain

by Christine@TheAums on March 21, 2011 · 2 comments

So…I have babies on the brain.
No. I’m not pregnant dammit.
And if I was, I certainly wouldn’t announce it on my blog.  I mean, c’mon. That kind of news is better suited for facebook or twitter updates, right?
No. I have babies on the brain because one, I went to a baby shower yesterday, and two, I just wrapped up a report on…well, not to give too much away, let’s just say, breast milk ice cream. Check back on Tuesday when it goes live on
So…this baby shower. It was one of the loveliest showers I’ve ever attended. It was my first baby shower where the guest of honor already had her baby, and I loved celebrating both mother and child, a 3 week darling of a baby girl!
My favorite highlights from this shower were, in no particular order…holding the baby. It’s like a new phase in my life. I’m not scared or intimidated. I know what to do with a baby. And having a newborn snuggle right up to me…well, it made me…emotional.  That’s right, I got all teary and fanned my hands in front of my face and breathed shallow breaths, because yeah, I’m going through withdrawals. And this teeny creature, with sweet, milky breath and the softest skin was such a tease!
Back to the highlights…I loved hearing the mom’s birth story. It was like a rite of passage as we women, most of us mothers, gathered round to listen to the details. The sweet, the gory, the funny, the miraculous details of giving birth! And I got…emotional. Again.
One activity I enjoyed was going around the room and listening to each guest impart some wisdom or advice to the new mom. Some were amusing, others informative, and there were a couple that made me downright…emotional. Like, enjoy your kids for who they are and who they will become. Support them and love them no matter what. Of course, my advice was something to the effect of taking time to do something for yourself because you’ll return a better mom. I do stand by my words.
Ok, so. What I absolutely loved most about this baby shower, and the fact that it was held after the baby’s birth, was what I call new mom or first-time mom energy. You know, how a new mom can be so in awe of being a mom. So in love with her newborn baby. So full of hope and promise and smiles and gushes. It’s really infectious. Contagious. Of course, I love my children and get all…emotional…over them, but I’m a seasoned mama now. When I’m with other seasoned moms, we may roll our eyes, or give each other knowing looks, or sit silently thinking, just wait ‘til teething, or consecutive sleepless nights, or that first tantrum, or they start driving, or they move away to college. I mean, motherhood is about survival! But deep inside, I long for those first-time mom feelings, and our guest of honor exuded them. 
Yup. I have babies on the brain. Stay tuned.

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Liz @ Six Year Itch March 23, 2011 at 2:37 am

Is this a new trend: showers AFTER the baby is born? I really like that idea.

Being a new mom — when I look back on it — was one of the most blissful times of my life. It was filled with anxiety and wonder, but it holds such a warm place in my heart. Ah, to go back to that.


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