Like Father, Like Daughter

by Christine@TheAums on June 19, 2011 · 4 comments

Every once in a while I write a post, or think of writing a post, that I don’t want my #1 reader dad to read. I think of adding a “Dad Disclaimer” that says, “Trust me Dad, you don’t want to read this one today.” This is not one of those posts.
In fact, this post is dedicated to the man who absolutely never wants the spotlight on himself, no matter how much and often he deserves it…
Happy Father’s Day, Dad!
There are countless reasons I am thankful for my dad, but seeing as I’m making this known on my blog, I’d like to acknowledge that there would be no blog if it weren’t for him.

You see, whatever the equivalent is for writers, my dad is an OG! Seriously, his writing skillz go waaaay back to pre-blog times! When I was little, my dad used to publish a sharp-witted family newsletter every month or so. He even gave my mom, brother, and myself jobs as Editor In Charge, Line Artist, and Style.
*Official invitation to my dad to guest blog about the title of our family newsletter*
Even before that, he taught my brother and me enough computer programming to create our own moving boxes video games on our Texas Instruments computer. So, you can see, I inherited his winning combo of tech savviness and sharing the written word. I have to say, he also bought me my first laptop, laying the course for my blogging future! 
I’ve always known my dad loves to read, but I didn’t quite appreciate his talent for writing until I recently made it a significant part of my life. The more I write, the more I think of my dad. The more I observe, reflect, laugh, and share, the more I’m thankful that he passed down something that makes me truly happy. 

That newsletter retired many years ago, but not my dad’s penchant for story-telling as you can see in his recent email account of a trip home after visiting me: 

We finally packed up and left around Two in the afternoon, Sunday, and resigned ourselves to a long and wet drive back to L.A. and we weren’t disappointed. It rained hard all the way back until we got to the Grapevine, then it turned to snow and ice – a real blizzard! 

Those guys I had been cussing at the whole way for cutting me off just to gain a car length, forcing me to cut them off to get it back, we were all stuck at the top together! Ha Ha, we had a van and they had little cars. 

Celia, as usual, wanted to make the best of it and as all four lanes hadn’t moved an inch in over an hour she thought we should get out and throw snowballs or make snow angels. Not gonna happen I told her because I knew, as soon as we got out, the line would move a few feet and one of those guys would cut me off again.

Anyway, our biggest problem soon became more personal – I had to pee! and there were no restrooms anywhere. We had seen people open their windows and toss out perfectly good cups of coffee then finally realized it wasn’t coffee. Not able to hold it I was forced to use a cup myself and Celia promised not to peek, or take pictures (dang cell phone!) Between keeping an eye on her and those other drivers who suddenly seemed curious I managed to take care of business and added my coffee to the rest.

Celia, on the other hand managed to hold on until we finally reached the bottom of the hill, then did a fifty yard dash, bad knees be damned, into the first McD’s we came to. I wouldn’t have peeked either ;). She came out looking as pretty as I have ever seen her, what a smile! A great end to a great trip!

It took us four hours to get over that hill but we made it and according to the news this morning many people were stranded there all night. I had seen a chance to cutoff several drivers at one time, like jumping pieces on a checker board and I took it. Celia cried “NO you’ll get stuck” but I didn’t and I heard her say admiringly, “you idiot!” but I know it saved us several hours and left several drivers crying in frustration!

Looking back, we should have made those snow angels but for now it’s on our bucket list and we’ll get to it someday.

Like I said, OG. No spotlight. Humble down to his bones. And funny as heck! 
My dad.

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Stasha June 19, 2011 at 9:16 am

Very sweet, how cool is your dad? And I love the picture. Have a lovely Sunday.


The Aums Mama June 19, 2011 at 3:47 pm

I know! He should have his own blog. You have a wonderful day too!


candelariaandrew June 20, 2011 at 3:50 pm

Great Father's Day tribute! Makes me wanna pee… I mean, cry!


Heidi O'Neill June 22, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Wow! Now I have learned something new about you and your family and where your amazing spirit comes from! Actually brought tears to my eyes as my father and I no longer speak, and it has been some time…


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