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by Christine@TheAums on July 28, 2011 · 7 comments

We’ve all seen dolls that cry, burp, pee, and even crawl! But have you heard of The Breast Milk Baby?

“The Breast Milk Baby simulates the breast-feeding process by including a fashionable halter-top that a young girl can put on like a vest and when she brings the Breast Milk Baby doll’s mouth up to the pretty flower decoration on the vest [i.e. the nipples] the doll makes a soft, suckling sound.”

See for yourself:

As a mom who’s breastfed four children, I’m all for the nurturing aspect of this doll. I think it’s in good taste, no pun intended, and thankfully nothing like the Manary Gland in Meet the Fockers:

But the 89 dollar price tag does make me roll my eyes.

I’ve seen all of my Aumies pretend to breastfeed, but my daughters especially role play being little mamas. When the baby cried, her older sister would stand in front of her and lift her shirt a little. There would be no contact and the baby usually kept crying, but my older girl fulfilled her caring gesture and continued playing. I’ve seen my 1 year old daughter pick up tiny dollhouse babies, lift her shirt to position them, and make suckling sounds herself (batteries not included!).

Little kids like to make believe. My girls AND boys have put pillows, ballons, and balls under their shirts, pretending to be pregnant. They imitate life around them as they see it and understand it. They hardly need toys…sometimes toys just get in the way of imagination and free thinking.

Some think The Breast Milk Baby is going too far and even sexualizing our little girls. Puh-leez! Whipping out a breast with pasties = sexual; uncovering a breast to feed an infant = not sexual. And I seriously doubt this doll is going to teach any prepubescent child HOW TO breastfeed. It doesn’t even latch for pete’s sake! There will be no scabby nipples and it doesn’t come with Lansinoh.  What it does is highlight a loving bond between a mother and child.

I do wonder what’s next…Melissa and Doug  breast pumps and milk storage? Mini-Boppy pillows? Snoopy breast milk sno-cone machine? Will these little girls be allowed to breastfeed their dolls in public, or will the next big seller be kid-sized nursing covers? While I wouldn’t buy this doll, I think The Breast Milk Baby has an important agenda in a world where most dolls come with plastic baby bottles.

Come to think of it, this doll could be an amazing way to get your kid to sit still. Look, kid, breastfeeding a baby takes time, so you best plop yourself down and get cozy. Wow, this doll could actually be your ticket to a half hour of time to yourself! Let me rethink this…

What’s your take on The Breast Milk Baby…yay or nay?





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Nicole Jacobs July 31, 2011 at 9:54 am

This question made me laugh out loud:

“Will these little girls be allowed to breastfeed their dolls in public, or will the next big seller be kid-sized nursing covers?”


admin July 31, 2011 at 5:33 pm

I admit, I cracked myself up writing this one. So what do you think, Nicole, would you buy your daughter this doll? I will happily discuss over hot chocolate you know where!


Stasha August 1, 2011 at 12:35 am

First I heard of it, neither nore at this point. The price is mad, that much I can voice my opinion. But your take on it made me laugh!!


Wolfmother August 1, 2011 at 10:30 pm

Haha nursing covers for girls! I doubt they have the same hang ups yet like some mums do about breastfeeding in public. I’ve seen little ones in my mom groups just lift up their shirts and make their dolls latch on with no issue. In fact they seem proud to be feeding their babies like that and stare at everyone else defiantly. Perhaps we could learn from THEM instead of the other way around. An expensive doll is completely unnecessary and the flower shirt nipple contraption kind of gives the wrong idea…that women need to put something on to nurse which is preposterous.


admin August 1, 2011 at 11:07 pm

Yeah, I suppose I could’ve gone into more depth about what I thought about the flower shirt nipple contraption..nicely put, by the way. Those flower appliques are kinda like pasties themselves! I think a stained t-shirt would be more realistic, no?


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