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In 2010, I became one of 15 iVoices correspondents in the country and started working for iVillage, the largest content-driven community for women online reaching 30 + million unique visitors per month! For perspective, I think I reach about 30 visitors per day here at The Aums, but you are all unique and I love you! Here are some of my videos and if you ever have an idea for one, please shoot me an email!

iVoices Compilation: How To Remove Obstacles That Keep Our Family From Moving

iVoices compilation: Talking To Kids About Tragedy

Where I not only make breast milk ice cream, I serve it to family and friends!

Are you a rock or noodle when it comes to disciplining your child?

My most meaningful interview to date. Surviving and thriving after breast cancer.

Week 1 of the Mealtime Makeover Community Challenge: Cooking Dinner With One Main Ingredient

Week 2 of the Mealtime Makeover Community Challenge: Quick Tips For Buying Organic

Week 3 of the Mealtime Makeover Community Challenge: Pancakes For Dinner And More!

Week 4 of the Mealtime Makeover Community Challenge: Getting The Kids To Help In The Kitchen

We are so lucky to enjoy the beach year-round. Here’s how my family gives back.

iVoices compilation: Royal Wedding…Yes, I was one of those people who stayed up to watch it in real time. And I give advice to the royal couple for their wedding night!

I had so much fun covering Will and Kate’s visit to California. Who’s next? Harry or Pippa?

iVoices compilation: Thanksgiving Traditions

iVoices compilation: Giving back. I highlight our support for the Adopt-a-Family program.


ashlea March 5, 2012 at 8:31 am

Okay! I love the vlog tab! This is how I first came across your blog… I think it was home her or cooking with eggs… Love it all! GREAT addition :-)

Christine@TheAums March 5, 2012 at 9:55 pm

Thanks Ash! I’m so happy to finally do these little things I’ve been wanting to do forever.

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